Edly-Allen Hosting Create-A-Bill Contest For High School Students

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Press release from the Office of State Representative Mary Edly-Allen

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Sept. 26, 2019

State Rep. Mary Edly-Allen, D-Libertyville, is hosting a Create-a-Bill contest open to all high school students enrolled in a government class this semester.

“As a teacher, I enjoy visiting local schools and speaking with students about my responsibilities in government and how our state government operates,” said Edly-Allen. “I hope to inspire the next generation to become more involved in government and realize that democracy depends on participation.”

High school students enrolled in government classes will be given the opportunity to create a bill in groups or with their entire class. The bill from the winning group or class will then be drafted into legislation to be introduced by Rep. Edly-Allen in the Illinois House of Representatives when the legislature reconvenes this winter.

The winners may also have the opportunity to visit Springfield to see state government in action. Ideas must be submitted by December 1, 2019, for consideration.

“I believe the best way to get young adults interested in government is to give them a hands-on experience of how the process works and show them how accessible government can be,” Edly-Allen added. “I hope by hosting this contest more students will realize that they can truly make a difference in their communities. I’m excited to see all of the ideas from our local youth. Some of the best legislative ideas come from the youth.”

For more information or to obtain an entry form, please contact Edly-Allen’s constituent services office at 224-206-7647 or repedlyallen@gmail.com.

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