Edly-Allen Passes First Bill; Strengthens Discussion on Students’ Career Opportunities

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – A measure lead by state Rep. Mary Edly-Allen, D-Libertyville, to strengthen discussions school college and career counselors have with students regarding post-secondary options passed out of the Illinois House of Representatives with widespread bipartisan support on Wednesday.

“As a former educator and mother, I know the important role school counselors play in helping students as they explore educational and career opportunities for after high school,” said Edly-Allen. “This measure will help ensure that students are discussing their future and exploring all possible options to best achieve their goals.”

Edly-Allen’s House Bill 3652 asks public school counseling services not only to offer assistance for college or post-secondary plans, but to also include discussions on all post-secondary education options. This measure will expand current post-secondary discussions to include exploring opportunities including 4-year colleges or universities, community colleges, and vocational schools.

“There are a lot of fantastic educational options and rewarding career opportunities available to students who may want to forgo the high cost of a pursuing a college degree and years of student loan debt,” Edly-Allen said.  “Providing mentorship to students as they plan their secondary education helps them make informed decisions and places them on a path to success.”

“High school students need to be made aware of all career opportunities to include construction and manufacturing. Their counselor can help with this awareness,” said Pete Olson, President of the Lake County Building and Construction Trades Council.

“School counselors are behind House Bill 3652 because it highlights the important work being done by school counselors statewide. It’s imperative that school counselors present all potential post-secondary pathways for a successful adult life. In alignment with the ASCA national model, school counselors should discuss all available postsecondary options,” said Matt Liberate, Director of Professional Learning and Student Services for Township High School District 214.