Edly-Allen Responds to Recent Reports Concerning Ex-Statehouse Lobbyist

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Press release from the Office of State Representative Mary Edly-Allen

For immediate release
Jan. 16, 2020

Like so many throughout our state, I was deeply disturbed and appalled to learn about an alleged rape cover-up mentioned in lobbyist Michael McClain’s email.

This behavior is utterly unconscionable and must not be tolerated within any level of government or by society at large. The alleged crimes are sickening, and speak to a “good old boys” mentality and culture wherein despicable behavior, especially toward women, is protected. This must end.

This issue is not about politics; this is about a heinous act, a systemic issue that will only be further perpetuated unless the proper action is taken. No more sweeping unethical behavior under the proverbial rug.

I stand with my colleagues who have already spoken out in condemnation of this potentially criminal behavior. I demand a full investigation and that appropriate legal action be taken. No one is above the law – regardless of gender, power, or position held.

Anyone with information on the matter should contact:

  • Champaign County State’s Attorney, 217-384-3733
  • Illinois State Police, 217-786-7107
  • Illinois Executive Inspector General, 217-558-5600 or 312-814-5600.

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